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There's a lot of ways that one could "subscribe to" or "follow" this site. Koype exposes Atom 1.0, JSON Feed 1.0 and h-feed. You can click one of the links below to view the feed of your choice.

Automatic Discovery

Koype supports rel=subscribe; a way for your site to advertise its ability to subscribe to others on the Web.

This feature is currently disabled.

Direct Access

If you know what kind of feed source you'd like to use for your client; you can get a direct link to them below. Koype aims to optimize for each feed type to provide an equivalent experience across the board.

ATOM 1.0
h-feed is the cleanest and least duplicating approach to providing a feed of one's site. It's available on every archive page and category page! Just plug those URIs into your reader of choice and you'll be set!