The more I think about social readers; the more I realize that we’d have to come a bit like half-way for those we’d want to pull in. Like I want to finally be able to walk up to Anil Dash and be like “yo; you can finally drop Twitter”.

That’d require a (native) mobile experience that’d be simple and stellar. I think Indigenous is almost there. If it had some collaboration with Dialog for; then we’d be cooking for real. What comes to it at the end of it all is that people don’t want to leave their friends; a chicken and egg (or tree and seed for my vegan people) situation that’d make things harder for people. I guess if I told people:

Yo, you can have your content on Twitter if you must. However, you can retain all of it on your personal site in a richer and more flexible format.

I don’t think they’d care much (at least the people I’d pitch to). But if I told them:

Your information on Twitter is yours all before you hit “Tweet”. After that, it’s marginally yours. You get none of the benefits and all of the lash back when it becomes worthy of note.

That kinda exposes that some people just want to be on there because there’s like a million other people on there. Which sucks