Random Thoughts on a Random Day

I saw a post on Twitter that lightly inspired this post. I haven't written anything non-technical on this site in some time. I think the closest was the post about me shipping my laptop off for repairs. I'm working on some upcoming client work and I'm still hacking away on my site in the open but outside of that, I don't think I'm doing anything of note. I've been interested in reviving ActivityDesk but that's partly because I want it to work on the phone I have coming in the mail. That's all code stuff and not really "offline". I don't know what exactly to do. 

I've been slowly working more on my home garden - something that's notably more expensive if you want it to look nice. I wish that things were better so I could continue picking up a pottery class and make some clay pots for my plants. I mostly have some aloe vera plants (like six of them) in my home. I recently got some Sansaveria and Stromanthe glabra plants in my home as well - they're very nice to look at and force me to be a bit more attentive to taking care of the plants I have here. When I get nicer pots, I'll post a photo online (or even make a garden section of my site).

Y'all know Stella. There's literally nothing to say about her - she's great, sociable and likes playing with my neighbor's kids. She's more gentle than I expected. There was a moment when she tugged hard enough to have a kid fall down on a rope a few days ago. She walked over to them (she usually runs!) and just started licking their knee. It was so sweet.

I've been working on reading more. Right now, I'm reading the science fiction of Octavia Butler, Parables of the Talents. I'm aiming to also finish up Anarcho-Blackness. I got that one by recommendation of noname's post on Twitter about it. Books like these definitely come off a bit strong with the jargon - something I was afraid of due to the inverse size of the book - but it's been okay so far. I want to collect and share these notes online for others looking for context but there's no reason to continue to contribute to Amazon's data vacuuming of the world. I think I'm going to see if I can do some extra stuff with posts made by IndieBookClub to my site to handle manual note-taking. That's another post (and potential feature request).

I want to have more to myself than tech but that's really all I do in my day and spare time if I'm not reading or playing games nowadays. It's only a bit harder now since I'm quarantining in place whenever I can. I've had some chances to see friends but it's not enough for me.