The State of Koype

So I'm at a point with Koype where I feel okay about the project. It has preliminary support for handling themes - most of the "logged out" pages are defined by themes. For security reasons, I don't think I'll allow for the administrative pages to be custom themed. I pushed out an initial release of the project, and I think it's almost ready. There's just a few things I want to iron out before switching my primary site over.


Conventionally, I'd allow people to follow me by using my RSS feed. Right now, Koype doesn't have a notion of a conventional RSS or ATOM feed but instead exposes a h-feed. When I think of it of an example of h-feed, I think of RSS but with an XML style sheet that makes it very usable for human consumption and yet still friendly for machines to parse. For now, I'm going to punt building an RSS or ATOM feed internally and just have Granary, a project by Ryan Barrett, handle it. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to that and it's one less moving part for the platform. This also means I can do a bit of wiring in of the logic for federation support to Koype, due to Fed Bridgy. It'll be cool to see interactivity from it in the Fediverse.


There's a part of me that wants to insure my content is shared out to other platforms. I have a moderately-sized following on Birbsite that I still want to reach out to. Bridgy comes to the rescue again with its publishing support. This also allows me to get responses and reactions from silos like Twitter, owning my comments. I should probably add some notice that replies and content ought to be licensed under some permissible format.

Post Deletion

Currently, there's no way for me to delete posts via Koype itself. I can do a soft-delete using a Micropub client but that doesn't feel like a complete solution for me. I already opened a ticket to allow the site owner to do this.

What's Next?

I think that after I clean up the test suite and update documentation, I'll start moving my site over. I'll have to implement my custom pages as theme pages and inform Koype to route to them accordingly. I'll have to think about how I'd want "pages" to work with Koype; it doesn't make sense to me to have my contact page be rendered as a post. I'll then begin working on the preferred experience that I'd want to have for Koype when it comes to publishing. Until then, visit to subscribe to the public launch of the platform.

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