After a bit of a hunting, I think it’ll be very possible to continue building a Micropub server that uses Hypercore/Dat as a storage medium! My long term goal here is to lean on Hypercore to provide a controlled, distributed file system for the flat file storage of posts (instead of leaning on a centralized though self-hostable system like with free versioning and a means of handling access control for the content. Truthfully, I’d want the Micropub server to have access to two “drives”. We can name them /public for the generated pages of one’s site that then can be automatically available to the general public (or not! the ACL should work on a file-level from the docs so something similar to protected posts could work here) and another /content drive that holds the more intimate details on one’s site - the preprocessed bits like the raw templates, database for just quicker indexing (maybe sticking to SQLite because I’ve invested a lot into SQL, lol) and the raw posts and images.

This is very exciting and potentially the basis of making it easy to automate publishing from your conventional Website into the distributed Web!