Interacting with Twitter from my Own Site

For a few months now, I've been using tools from the IndieWeb to interact with people from my own site to silos, namely Twitter. I've done this thanks to tools written by Ryan and Aaron around WebSub and feed parsing and generation. Here, I'll show you how I use these together to keep in touch with people who aren't in the IndieWeb. This makes the assumption that you have your own site that supports Micropub. If not, check out for a hosted version of a site that can do this for you!

Head to Granary, a service by Ryan that converts social streams into different formats. You can use it to convert a page into a RSS or ATOM feed if it has the right markup. More interestingly, Granary can take in Twitter feeds and turn them into a feed - making it useful for Microsub servers like Aperture

Once you've signed in to Granary with Twitter, you'll be given a few options to what you can fetch. I tend to opt for the @me feed since it has things I'm interested in. From there, you can go over to Aperture or your preferred Microsub service and enter that channel into your channel of choice!

Thanks to the work by Ryan and Aaron, getting this going is pretty simple (mostly clicks)! Now when I sign into apps like Monocle or Indigenous for Android, I can reply, share and like to my site from feeds defined by my choice! And it's chronological, helping one embrace JOMO

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